The Rule of Three

ShadowShifting and The Rule of Three
For some time, I’ve been using a “learned technique” for young Shadow walkers. All of the PC’s in my game have been youngsters starting off into Shadow. So when they ask to find this or that in Shadow, you set your ground rules, then ask:
What the most important part of what you want?
And the next?
And finally?
So they can “hear” their own plan/impulse and so that as the GM, I can start planning what they are finding based on their focus on this Rule of Three.
Now sometimes ‘safety’ is on this list—and sometimes it isn’t. When amberites launch off into shadows, they often figure they can handle themselves. Then again, if they are asking for some danger in what they are looking for, they can also ask for ‘safety’ in the environment. The last is significant. Shadow walking influences environ more than the quirky and changeable natures of sentients. But, I find it makes the Shadow travel itself quite an adventure of creativity to ‘juggle’ those three ‘factors’ as keystones to what is found.
I suppose you could use this same technique for ‘older’ PC’s in those campaigns that allow ‘experienced’ amberites to start with 100 points (or whatever). You might set a scale for such things. Two hundred year of shadow travel? Maybe a Rule of Four. Four hundred years? Maybe a Rule of Five. And so forth.

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