What is a Primal Power

So—- what the heck is a Primal Power? What sort of things rival the far-reaching powers of Pattern and Logrus?
Every GM gets to pick and choose. Certainly some Storytellers will take elements already in the canon text and say that ‘GhostWheel’ or ‘Mirror People’ are privy to more intrinsic secrets of the Universe.
But what did the Shroudlings know? What is it the GhostWheel was playing with that led him to Kergma? Or what did Merlin learn of that “ululant cry I had learned in a dream” such that Kergma would come “skittering down the folds of darkness”? An answer that I enjoy is contained in “The Artifact of Necessity. . .


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  1. Spikards Vs. Primal Powers

    Jvstin wrote, “A Primal Power is a locus or node of energies which is powerful enough to permanently affect a section of reality greater than the shadow from which it springs.”
    My commentary to him was that that was basically my definition of a Spi…

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