UnderShadow and UnderHill

Is it worth exploring the parallel between UnderShadow and Underhill, the realm of the Olde Wilde? Some of this idea gets into the specific images that prompted “In the Shadow of Greatness”—the precusor ‘campaign nugget’ that this blog is named for.
Where I created the Empire of the Gleaming Banner in mythic response to the shadow-fables of the pan-Middle East and Orient, I am still intrigued by the close connection between the Fey myths and Oberon’s family. As I recall, the Celtic warrior immortals were a rough bunch very much like Oberon and crew. But another tradition of myth springs close to that source. The slender and beautiful people, the UnderHill folk. The ones of alien beauty that can steal your passion away. Zelazny really does not address this—despite the dark and moody Corwin. Between ‘Nine Ladies Dancing’ and other thoughts—I see the matriarchy concept of a dark family using the Broken Pattern of Amber being a solid interpretation of this story angle. And like the wonderful stories I’ve gotten out of Empire of the Gleaming—I hope to someday start these stories off as either fiction or game.