Deela the Desecratrix :: IMC

Deela the Desecratrix, mother of Dalt the Avenger. I’m going to talk about rape and worse. Please understand that the text will be invisible unless you use your mouse to highlight it so it can be read.
This is a fascinating element of the backstory of Amber. You could tell a thousand tales from just these pieces. Does it make any sense that Oberon raped Deela? Does it make sense that Deela, a free-thinking rebel then decided to have the child of that violation? Does the Golden Circle have no methods of abortion? Did Deela have religious convictions that compelled her to burn Unicorn shrines, go to war with Begma, and in like manner preclude her from ending the life of her unwanted child? Stranger things could be true. Or was the child unwanted? Or was she raped at all? Was the rape a story only told to Dalt? Others seem to have heard the tale. How religious was Deela? Was her small raiding force a Holy War? There is nothing to suggest she was martyred in death. The cause seemed to die with her. It doesn’t trouble Random’s reign. What would drive Oberon to rape any woman? What sort of madness struck him? Or was Deela too beautiful to resist? Too offensive, to not punish in the most harsh manner possible? And why is Bleys sent to deal with her in Begma? Why does Oberon not go himself to deal with such a strong woman, such a direct and personal challenge? What was Oberon afraid of?
His Need. For Deela.
In the journals of Cassandra, at the Eternal City site, you can read about one version of these events. In the Eternal City campaign, Deela was the woman who defeated Oberon, not once, but many times. Deela raped Oberon. Not once, but repeatedly.
Deela was the femme fatale of which all others are but shadow. Deela had FOUR children by Oberon. King Oberon sent Bleys to deal with a threat to the throne of Amber in as final a manner as possible. Her army was broken, Deela was beheaded. But the cunning of her legacy lives on. Deela turned her children into weapons.
Imagine this woman, who could out manipulate Oberon, raising children of her own. Understand the frightening possibilities of such indoctrination of children with the power of Amber blood within them. Anyone who has imagined the tragedy of Deirdre growing up without a mother, or of Llewella and Florimel growing up an only-child among adult siblings, or of Paulette killing herself when Random and Mirelle were still children, must see Deela’s work as a horror of horrors. And Dalt demonstrates his obsession in canon text. Even one such individual would be a nightmare for Amber—- and Roger Zelazny describes how Dalt comes attacking out of shadow, facing off against Benedict more than once.

The Cassandra Logs.