WISH 42 :: Reusing Characters

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 42: Reusing Characters Do you ever reuse characters from game to game? When you reuse characters, what do you bring from game to game: a name and a personality, stats, or more? What kinds of characters do you reuse and why? If you GM, do you like to have players bring in existing characters? Why?

I reuse Characters for one-shots, cons, and in Cross-over games, the last which I do rarely if it doesn’t involve the first two. I usually bring the whole Character, in proportion, so you get the name, personality, and some sense of the proper attributes in relation to each other. I also tend to think of the Character in relation to their experienced age, as I’m “upping” or “downing” the point totals of the character. If possible, I’ll bring over the backstory and other features of the Character, since “what created them” is important to why they are “being reused”… I would think. As a GM, I’m used to Characters being “reused” and I like to try and make it a successful venture for the Player. It’s pretty obvious that if someone is reusing a Character, they’ve either had a great experience with them, feel comfortable with that “skin”, or haven’t had enough play time to fully realize the Character. In those cases, who am I to say “no”? If I have a theme game going, such as “Empire of the Gleaming Banner” or “Argent Rose“, I’ll be more wary of characters brought to the game without regard for the setting I’m creating. I’ve been pretty lucky with this generous policy so far. Worst experience to date is allowing three D&D characters in the opening session of “Empire of the Gleaming Banner“. It wasn’t bad, since Darrheabarr is a cross-road of many shadows. We got by. I’ll note that EGB was a game where I asked for characters to be submitted before game and those three D&D PCs were not vetted before the con. There are some warning signs that things are not going to go so smoothly:
  • characters not submitted before gamestart (kerplunk)
  • character submitted has no obvious connection to game blurb (ouch)
  • character submitted has some super secret unknown power (it does what?)
  • character submitted is the genius protege of some well-known NPC (Elminster is your mom?)
  • character submitted is the lover of some well-known evil NPC (ok, this has never actually happened to me, I was just seeing if you were paying attention.)