IMC :: PC Romances

IMC :: PC Romances By way of Jvstin, by way of House of Cards Log, by way of Tragic Glass… The Eternal City has a tapestry of romances more or less woven through the campaign. Much of the history of Amber revolves somewhat around intense relationships that are both romantic and romances. Dworkin and his Chaos House. Dworkin and the Unicorn. Oberon and Dworkin. Oberon and his search for powerful women of shadow to rule at his side.

Then we start the PC inspired romances.
Melinda :: who fell hard for Richmond, but was thrown harder into adventures and necessary escapes from the vengeance of Jasra. She had an unexpected affair with an uncle while she was out of her mind. Now one of the most desirable royals of her own young kingdom far from Amber.
Stargazer :: who married the woman that helped him from his earliest adventures, only to see her die years later in a counter-attack prompted by his own investigations into threats to Amber. Stargazer had his vengeance, but has never quite been the same man.
Owen :: a girl who grew up with fears of intimacy, and a visiting giant of a father who seemed to frighten her mum. She took her mother’s path—that of gender equality to the exclusion of men. Years later, she found herself jealous of the attentions spent on a young gent of her acquaintance and shortly thereafter chased Kent Merton quickly to ground. She discovered her true powers through the eyes of men who loved her.
Cassandra :: who arrived in a small backward kingdom called Amber with no clue that it might have richness of emotion and character she had never experienced before. She campaigned for justice for the forsaken scions of Oberon and found her heart lost to Captain DeWinter.
Sebastian :: who found himself out of step with royal life, and so quickly established his charm with the ‘good people’ of Amber’s town. Within months, he became engaged to an honest serving girl and a wedding was planned. A wedding he missed—leaving the girl at the altar. And then did so once again at a rescheduled date some months later. The girl was mortified and fled Amber under Florimel’s wardship. The royal women of Amber were not amused.
Rhiannon :: who can’t imagine a man as wonderful as her father, Julian, or brother, Shapir.
Jacynea :: who attracts proposals of marriage the way some folks do spring cleaning: annually.