Dariabar !

Where treasures beyond knowing are offered…

And here we find the common point of inspiration. Quite a find. Google is amazing.
The company apparently sells hand-made treasures on eBay.
Here is my version of Darrheabarr.
And Google will also point you to other listings for Deryabar and Sinbad. Note the comparison to various editions of the Arabian Nights.
Edmund Dulac, from “The Story of the Princess of Deryabar” in Stories from the Arabian Nights, 1907


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  1. The origin of Darrheabarr

    in the Shadow of Greatness: Dariabar ! I’ve always wondered where the name Darrheabarr came from, whether Arref invented it out of whole cloth or borrowed it. He’s revealed it in reference to Dariabar, and the old Douglas Fairbanks Sinbad movie, since …

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