Children of the Jewel :: One

Through A Glass Darkly 2.0: Children of the Jewel Part One
“Amid the myriad depths and reflective crystalline lattices of the Jewel of Judgement, an infinite series of worlds exist.”

taGD begins to spin out one version of a StickySerial.



  1. Strange,
    You don’t remember the Other? That was after the first four.. but at some point we introduced that the Jewel had a rival..
    Merlin and Luke represented a failure on the part of the Jewel. It told you too much, because it was compensating for it’s rival, and seemed to drive you two into ennui.

  2. No, I do remember. I had only stashed it in a separate category of my memories of the series.
    Rinaldo and Merlin seem to bring out the Powers at their most chatty, don’t they?
    [evil grin]

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