House of Cards :: Orphan no more

Well, it didn’t happen quite the way I ever imagined. But Celina has found that she has a living mother and father. Orphan no more.
First response? She tried to clean Corwin’s clock. Totally misplaced rage. Luckily, I think, she was stopped before she punched him in the nose.
The bewildering setup was nearly perfect, with a few of Amber male royals chatting her up while Corwin and Bill digested a letter from Moire.



  1. And I have to tell you, I read the logs and there he breaks the news to her.
    And I call Jenn to find out what her reaction to this is – because I simply couldn’t wait on the logs and I knew Jenn lurks.
    And she told me. And as I ate McDonalds in my car before class people turned to look at what the howling laughter was about.

  2. I haven’t had the opportunity to read the logs as of late, since they are coming in under my non mindspring email, and thus there is a backlog of them for me to read. So, I missed it ‘hot off the presses’. I would have probably come across it sometime this weekend…
    But congradulations…and you’ve inspired a forthcoming post on my blog…

  3. Corwin and Moire

    Well, its not quite a Mystery, and not quite an IMC, but its a more general set of observations, inspired by Arref’s Blog entry about Celina. (See Celina’s page if you miss the inference)…

  4. And it’s not just the guys who would’ve stood around not intervening while Celina took a swing. When your post went out, my first thought was that if Folly were there, she wouldn’t try to stop Celina. I mean, if Corwin can’t defend himself, there’s not much *Folly* would be able to do about it…. (Her decision would probably be different if Corwin were attacking Celina.) So she’d just stand by waiting to help them calm down and talk through their differences.
    If she weren’t laughing too hard, that is. 🙂
    (I think Corwin getting slugged by a girl is one of those “always funny” things.)
    Bravo to you and the GMs for a very amusing exchange.

  5. I need to write a blog entry about that. I really screwed up the blocking there, but it worked out all right in the end.
    And no, Celina had no chance of punching Corwin in the snoot. Even though he probably deserved it. He generally does.

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