To Be An Amberite?

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What is it to be an Amberite?
“What is it to never out-grow your toys because everything is a toy to one who is Real? Or to find that the people you love are Shadows, that the feeling inside you is tied to something that a ‘Real’ relative can tangle and blot at—-almost at whim?”
“What is it to find that people are attracted to you, for reasons that have little to do with who you are, and much to do with What you are? And the covetous ones, who believe you have something they can emulate, steal or seduce from you…”
“What is it to be blood of this blood, to be above or beyond the lifespans of each laughing beau, each bright shining student of lore, each mentor or sister-friend.”
“It is what you make of it in spite of the whispering madness.”

—Bhangbadea of Ersia, Strange Bedfellows


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