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Prince Corwin is the narrator of the Chronicles of Amber. He has a forbidding and wonderful life. His family is even slightly more mysterious and amazing than he is.
However, as much as I respect Corwin—he was not my inspiration for gaming Amber.
First, was Roger Zelazny. He painted the word pictures that convinced me his ‘blended words’ created a viable universe that was cruel and joyful. That backdrop was a place full of dark injustice and yet the hope to overcome it all and perhaps make things right.

My personal inspiration within the actual story is Dworkin.
Dworkin is the architect of the strangeness that flows down through the centuries. He is father to a son larger than life and harsh as a razor’s edge. It is Dworkin who defies the Serpent. Who acts on the Unicorn’s behalf. It is Dworkin who weeps when he tells Corwin that Oberon is angry with him and has locked him up.
Dworkin, Master of the Line. Scriber of the Pattern. Limner of the family Trumps.
This guy. His tragedy. His amazing creations.
That’s part of why I am inspired to the game.
What inspired Dworkin?
Is it possible to find out?
Man. What a story.


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  1. If only my blog worked to elaborate at length myself…
    The image-soaked writing hooked me, and believe it or not, the character that first intrigued me was none other than Julian.
    Yes, Julian. A guy out of a fantasy novel, on a super-charged horse, armored, minions and hellhounds, guardian of the road to Amber. Conservative in speech. Intriguing on many levels, from why and how he lost his fight to Corwin, to the whole burning of Corwin’s eyes thing, to the Fiona attraction, to his cold, dry wit.
    Corwin finally grew on me by Guns of Avalon, and then other Amberites followed in turn. But the first Amberite that I felt a pull for was Julian. The first female, as you might expect, was Fiona. Sorcery, powers beyond the ken, looking at the universe through those eyes… I distilled all that into one of my first Amber PCs, a son of hers named Lorius. Who later I imported into SB.

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