Goodbye, AOL

This is ECN, Eternal City News. Good afternoon.
We have been informed that the long-time association between Arref Mak and AOL was broken today. Arref, author of the Eternal City pages at AOL, had this comment.

I’d like to say the split was mutual and that we had grown apart, but that’s just not the case. AOL wasn’t a good listener and didn’t understand or appreciate my loyalty. Through five or six versions they lagged behind what other internet customers were getting for less money. They did little to ease the eighty to one ratio of sp*m/content I was getting through email. Their email sp*m filtering was a joke. The strain on my poor machine to carry all their ads and nonsense content was often keeping me offline. In closing my account, I spent thirty minutes explaining my reasons to a ‘live person’ who could only repeat how my experience was “not that of most customers.” The customer service rep was all about getting me to extend my use.
Very sad, actually. If they’d given even as good a service as Yahoo mail does for free… I bet I’d still be a customer.

We at ECN understand that the Eternal City web pages will remain through today, November 10—but that AOL might take them down at any time. While Arref assures us that the content is all backed up in another shadow, he was unable to say when he would have the material up at a new address.

The material will return. I just can’t say when. I hope AOL doesn’t scrub the stuff right away.

There are media reports that AOL is losing customers faster than they are gaining them and are down two million users. ECN tried to reach AOL for an interview or comment.
They pretended they couldn’t hear us until we updated our software to AOL v9.

* All fun aside, I’m a guy that put other people on to the service, got family members through their AOL tech problems, and enjoyed discounts by paying annual plans. I wrote mail to the ISP with suggestions. I tried to make the experience a community.
Didn’t work.
Can’t recommend the experience.



  1. It’s definitely degraded from what it was once was.
    The only reason why I still have my AOL account is that my mother uses a screen name on it. Otherwise, I’d be gone too.
    I just check AOL email to delete it now and again.

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