Grand Affair :: the general and the king

Morning breakfast in town. Regrets.
Caithness original unless complete breakdown in Ghenesh.
Opinion: trouble
Knowledge: bide
Martin good choice for initial welcome. No fatalities expected first 5 hours.
See Caine and Julian informed.
This note precedes me by three hours.

I think this may be some of my best work so far in taking Benedict and making him my own character. There is a little bit of everything Benedict in this. Informative. Terse. Archaic vocabulary hints. That tiny inflection of apology for being in the wrong place to Random’s need. His confidence in the brothers tasked to defend the realm. The closer that says he will not be rushing his own schedule because of the news that Amber has just welcomed Death across its borders.
And Martin might see the joke written in there, too.


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