WISH 74 :: can I please?

WISH 74: Supplements You’d Like to See
Name three or more supplements (or core books, for that matter) for existing game systems that you’d like to see. Why? What inspires your interest in these supplement? What existing supplements or materials are you using instead?

Somebody who didn’t need to make any money but cost might do:

Shadows of the Internet
The sourcebook that collects the gems from all Amber GMs and Players who have lavished love and attention of their various little pockets of Reality. There are more than a few people out there that just love shadow.
Not necessarily because cool stories took place there, but just because of the IDIC. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. Collect ’em. Trade ’em. Fifteen minutes of fame.
But the editor would have to be a judge of quality not quantity. We can all invent shadows. What this would be is inspirations. Right now I’m using a shy slice of the online community for shadows.
Not in My Chaos You Don’t
A spearate House of Chaos from each of separate authors. Why. How. What.
They woudln’t match. They wouldn’t make sense with each other. They might not even be Playable. But then, maybe Zelazny’s Chaos isn’t playable either.
While the framework of this could be “How to Assemble Chaos from Parts“. I think that my interest is again as inspiration for IDIC. But this book wouldn’t be trying to ‘sell’ any one vision. It would be the clash of noise at the Abyss. Logrus, yes. Logrus, no. Powers. Agendas. Elders. All focused on just one House in summary. Cool.
Right now I’m using Chaos Arref. The pale. The bold. The arrogant.
Not with My Unicorn You Don’t
AKA: “thatwarmwetfeelingbetweenyourshoulderbladesistheunicornpeeingdownyourneck
The sourcebook that shatters and recombines why U and Dworkin got together and made the Snake mad.
Because I’m crazy.
Right now I’m using Unicorn Arref. The Beast of High Regard.



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