Grand Affair :: alchemy

Alchemy is the blended process of physical and metaphysical. Put care, craft, and design into a crucible and mix with time, secrets, and perception.
Results vary.
A Grand Affair was conceived and crafted by Ginger and Michael. Yet prior commitments will draw them away now. The game became something that was bending other promises already made. Conflict solved.

With that example of integrity, I asked myself this:
Have I ever designed a game only to see it become bigger and more than I expected?
Of course. The unexpected bloom of a game is one of the things I look for. Luckily for me, even the games that became unwieldy came to a good conclusion.
Would I be brave enough, generous enough to let my creation go into other hands? Perhaps still be part of it as a Player?
Doesn’t feel quite right. Hard to say. Boy, I would hope so.
Why? I’m not sure. Probably not the same animal, since GA is a troupe game where little GMing is asked for except a vision of how it all hangs together. I might be able to do it. Though I have never designed such a game. I’d like to think I could do it. Subsume myself into the role and not worry about the vision driving the game.
I’ve never had that challenge.
I considered withdrawing from GA when I learned Ginger and Michael would. Again, largely because the Random and Martin roles were somewhat essential to my Elder character, Benedict. Also, I entered GA only because of who was running it. It’s that trust issue. I had good GM feedback that the Benedict I was imagining would work.
I decided not to leave—in large part because someone pointed out that my Elder leaving might be the same sort of blow to the rest of the cast as Random/Martin being gone.
Most game folk want that game that will turn to “gold”.
Deciding you can’t give it the attention it deserves—stepping away—is extraordinary. Classy.
A number of people have stepped forward to moderate the game. Fingers now crossed to see how we do.
A Player perspective here at Through A Glass Darkly 2.0: The Grand Affair- Time of Tumult.
[update :: Ginger and Michael have decided to stay and play the major roles they created. Outstanding!]



  1. I didn’t seriously consider leaving for two reasons:
    First, I’m half in love with my ladies. I’m emotionally invested now. So I would have kept trying, even disliking the circumstances.
    Second, my leaving would pain Jvstin with Del in a way I’m just not willing to do.
    (Well, and then I have a rule about things. When it hurts worse to stay than it hurts to go, then I do. But not generally until then.)

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