Sky Captain :: Film 2004

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Maybe. Looks darker than Disney’s ‘Rocketeer’. Could be very cool.
They certainly have a look that appeals to me.

Speaking of looks———-not that it matters
The design and look of this movie seems to be a classic swipe from two sources. One, the original ‘Superman’ cartoons were often a Noir dark and Deco-laden menace of steel robots vs plucky reporters. Max Fleischer chose to make everything Superman did look hard, rather than easy.
Two, the mildly successful ‘League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’. Finally rented this eye-candy this past weekend and it was better than I expected. Even including the ending which was something of a swipe from ‘the Authority’ and Jenny Sparks.
Not that I’m complaining. If you are going to swipe, take good stuff.



  1. :: spoilers ::
    Yes. I finished the first series completely. Have not started the second one.
    The books are so much more vivid than the film, and handle a number of the elements better. The storyline isn’t forced, the characters aren’t bent due to ‘legal business’ (my understanding is that Wells’ estate did not allow use of the invisible man, and Sawyer and Gray were adds that took the story in a new direction.)
    Some lame plot bits from the film were ‘visual substitutes’ for things chopped from the books.
    The Nautilus in the canals of Venice busted my suspension of disbelief–and Mine is known to be heavy duty.
    Overall, good flick, not great.

  2. I’m really looking forward to Sky Captain because of the visual styling and pulp sci-fi costumes. Knowing almost nothing about the story, it’s one of the main movies I’m looking forward to now.
    The visuals also reminded me of the silent Metropolis.

  3. Actually, the problem with the Invisible man was not Wells-the character is easily in public domain-but Universal. Movie rights are different than book rights and Universal claims to currently hold the rights to the name Hawley Griffin.
    This is actually the reason that saw a new MUMMY film in 1999 and is seeing Van Helsing in 2004-Universal needs to keep the names under their control. Sad, isnt it?

  4. Ah.
    “Even including the ending which was something of a swipe from ‘the Authority’ and Jenny Sparks.”
    Quatermain posits himself as the ‘man of the 19th century’ to Sawyer, then tells Tom he can be the ‘man of the 20th century’, then expires.
    But the ending suggests renewal for the fallen spirit. Just as Jenny Sparks becomes Jenny Quantum.

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