Once Upon a Time :: Winterpine John

Once upon a Time, Arref ran a campaign based loosely on D&D rules that he had sorta reworked in its entirety.
This was Nerth.
One of the ‘movers and shakers’ of this world was a fella called Winterpine John. Actually, he was an old human and had many names.

He came from rather crude beginnings, in a time when humans were the crazed wild fighters of the wilderness. They huddled about small fires. They dressed in furs. They had little language skills.
Winterpine John grew as a man as his brethren grew, as the world of humans grew. And in the times of the actual campaign—he was an old campaigner—a man standing upon his past mistakes, but fighting for hope and those who could not so easily defend themselves.
He was a sort of champion.
In the deep winter of every year, when the best powers of Good and Light were at their lowest ebb, Winterpine John would prepare himself and his small troupe of friends. He would check carefully across the year preparing for the longest night of the Dark. Preparing for that time when the Certain Things were most powerful and likely to overrun the cities of mankind.
He would gird himself with harness and weapons—with bells of silver to throw pain into the ears of Evil. Coil his shoulders with sweet Holly preserved from the past Spring. He would consult with the sage, Rendorf, who often provided John some amazing new device or insight with which to penetrate the darkness of the Longest Night and see Evil through any Cloak of Protection from Good.
And when that Longest Night most strongly free to Evil arrived, Winterpine John would launch himself from his hidden stronghold into battle. His companions, some of them famous and others forgotten names, would ride at his side spreading mayhem into the Heart of Darkness to the sound of pure silver bells.
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came, and he whistled, and shouted, and often called them by name.
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