Wednesday Weird 1 :: The Mugging

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #1: The Mugging
The challenge for the first Wednesday Weird is: the mugging. It’s a classic scenario that anyone who has ever played a “street-level” superhero game or read a lot of noir fiction has bound to have run across before. Variations of it can be found in almost any genre.

It was a quiet night in the Eternal City—a nice night for a stroll.

“Give it back, dammit!”
Felix, Duke of the Seven Sisters, heard the terse whisper and turned from admiring Amber’s harbor. He tossed his cigarette into the water without looking. He rolled his shoulders trying to pick out if he knew the dark shapes: one male, one female in the distant alley.
Probably not.
“I’m counting to three. Then I’m slitting your throat and taking it off your corpse.” The voice had a hint of drink in it, but the intensity promised mayhem.
Felix moved quickly. It was a night for interfering in shadowy things. He stepped up behind the man holding the long knife at the woman’s throat. “Can I help?”
The fella jerked. The knife went home in the blonde’s throat. The gray-haired man cursed as the shabbily-dressed woman choked and fell to the cobblestone in blood. The knifeman whirled about. “Bloody bastard! Who asked you to—.”
The Duke’s hand twisted and snatched the knife from the stranger’s grip. A half-second and he had it reversed and comfy in his own hand. “Watch who you call a bastard in Amber, my friend.”
The fella took a swing at the Duke. Felix dodged, stepped past him and shoved the knife into the eye of the female moving to hamstring the gray-haired man. This time she died for real.
The man gaped at Felix. He whuffed out a breath of hard whiskey.
Felix shrugged back. “Chaosi ghola. You have to hit the brain to kill them. Search her and get your property back. Go home and sleep it off.”
The Duke sauntered back to the Boulevard, hands in his pockets.