Warfare :: sucks

GA :: Benedict : the past
We are doing a little (should be little) bit of backstory between the youngest and eldest. As princejvstin points out over on his LJ, time travel has a theme, but so does a story that develops over time, emerging into the present.
Which is the kind of time travel I’m thinking of right now.

In my F2F game the other night, Gerard said something about Benedict, which to paraphrase was something like:

“None of us is perfect. But more and more I think Benedict has mistakes that he makes on purpose, seeing them coming, allowing them to happen…. because he figures he’s going to get a better end result that way. Somehow….”

—Gerard, Eternal City

And what if he’s wrong, Gerard?
There is something crushing about being the best warrior Amber has. I don’t mean having the young punks testing you. Or the “loneliness at the top”. Or even having folks wary of you.
Those things suck, but they don’t flatten you.
Letting folks die because you think there is a better victory ahead.
Which gets back to my theory about Corwin and Bleys assaulting Amber.