WISH 83 :: My Characters’ Motto

WISH 83: My Characters’ Motto
What are your characters’ mottoes, in ten words or less? Quotes and formal mottoes encouraged.

Never thought about this angle before. Mmm. Like it.

Strange Bedfellows: Bhangbadea – Amber Is Not the Center
House of Cards: Celina – I Hate Lies
A Grand Affair:

  • Benedict – Do Not Presume
  • Passel – Kiss Me You Fool
  • Walker – Break A Leg

Amber: The Eternal City: Random – Not Without a Fight
B�te Noire: Naturaelusus – Beware the Pipsqueak!
Empire of the Gleaming Banner: Sand – For the People
Age of Retribution: Agacerie – Don’t Make Me Hurt You
The Nerth Chronicles: She Of Three – All I Need is Love
Blaze Of Glory: Yves – Happy We Few Who Die Grandly
Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose: Corwin – Never Surrender
Thy Kingdom Come: Kirwyd – They Can’t Kill You When They Are Laughing