Wednesday Weird 2 :: Charmed

This came out late…. then I sat on it over the weekend:

Wednesday Weird 2 :: Charmed
This spell shows up in several roleplaying games by many different names. Leaving the target charmed by the spellcaster, it can turn an enemy into a friend. Generally, the target will be susceptible to suggestion by the caster and will completely believe anything the caster says.

Yikes! There are so many ways to Weird this.

Charmed Time Travel: the Dryad charmed you before you could even warn your friends. But things between the two of you were paradise for a long time. Your not sure what happened to the folks you used to travel with. They didn’t stick around and who needs them?
When she threw your stuff out of the tree and said don’t come back, she failed to tell you that seventy years had passed.
Welcome to a one-way trip to the future.



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