WISH 88 :: Wildest Dreams

WISH 88: In Your Wildest Dreams
Do you ever dream about games and characters? Do you incorporate the dreams into your games? How? Has it been successful or unsuccessful?

I used to do this all the time. I have some strange dreams.

Luckily, especially for my spouse, my nightmares are few and far between. Nightmares about game characters usually end up with yelling myself awake.
I try not to put that sort of stuff in my games.
I do get some visual scene settings from dreams. Some scene blocking and “dressing of sets” from things I’ve seen or half-remembered from dreams. Not all of these are dreams that involve game settings. Still, I never discount that my dreams might have connections to games that are ongoing.
I do dream from PC point-of-view particularly if the PC feels dreams have some importance.
Most of these permutations have been successful when ‘ported over to games. Dreams are another media to me, like movies or books, and I always use something that “sticks” in my mind after waking.
Not everything does, of course.
I can’t track what impact dreams have on my additions and inspirations to my gaming inventions. I’m sure there is a relationship—-and I’m glad it is there—-but I don’t know why it would work in one case and not another.