Wednesday Weird 6 :: B&E

Wednesday Weird #6: The B&E
This weeks Wednesday Weird is a crime that is bound to get some jail time if caught. It was also the plot that inspired the Wednesday Weird. Breaking into someone’s home to steal an item or search for clues, the characters could get in and out without a problem….or any weirdness. Where’s the fun in that?
Your challenge is to describe a scenario of breaking and entering where things go horribly wrong….and then get bizarre. We’re talkin’ frozen lizard bizarre, folks.

Right. It’s a caper. There’s easy.
And then there is weird.

The PCs are looking for a book. A book that proves an upstanding citizen is a huge crook, skimming from the typical trade that royals invest their private funds into. The sort of private projects that help some people get ahead. People the royals like, of course. Sometimes from inside info, sometimes not.
But what if one celebrated Master of the Moneychangers Guild is a big thief? Prove it. With his records. The ones he keeps hidden.
Much skulking and analysis insues. How to break into the Guild? How to search the man’s well-tended House? How, for blood’s sake, to do all this and not hurt anyone until the matter is proven one way or another?
And don’t forget the scandal if many royals are being taken to the “cleaners” by this guy.
This effort could keep the ‘squeaky clean’ PCs up at night for several weeks.
Imagine all the things a fellow in Amber can do to protect secrets.
The Weird?
After weeks of effort, near misses and close calls, the PCs get their inventive hands on the secret stash in the secret room in the secret basement of the man’s spinster sister.
The book proves without a doubt that it is all true. The man has skimmed thousands and thousands of profit carefully from various royal transactions for years.
And that’s how the city’s orphanages stay open, clean, and well-staffed. How those kids get apprenticeships and startups. How the typical lowest and forgotten stay out of oppressive labor arrangements. How orphan girls and boys have dowries and stakes for starting families.
Yep. Nothing to do now but tell the King.