Wednesday Weird 8 :: The Car

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #8: The Car
Here’s the deal. Things have gone bad. Real bad. The characters need to get away fast and any car will do. Looking to grab a car, they could end up with something normal, but then that wouldn’t be very weird, would it?

The car? That beautiful mercedes benz?

Well, it was really no accident that Random and Corwin took the car.
Abandoned in Arden though ripped and torn by the fury of the Stormhounds, that car sits undisturbed for quite a while.
But then, Florimel asks some young cousins to find it for her. There is something in the glove box that she wants. And she gives you a small glass globe with a ‘pointer’ floating inside that should lead you to the car.
Why not Julian?
“I’d rather not ask Julian to do me this favor.”
And is the glove box locked?
“Oh bother, just Trump me if it is.”
And what exactly is it that they ought to find?
“Just bring me everything from the glove box, there’s a dear.”
The Weird?
Avoiding the rangers of Arden, the Players will eventually find the abandoned car. The glove box is locked, but can the players resist breaking in to look over the contents? Will they call Flora and have her ‘safely’ recover her property or will they start the Real Adventure by opening the box themselves?



  1. Heh. The major plot of Emerald Star is an event that Pandora’s Box is a mere shadow off. The PCs have learnt that lesson very well. But it doesn’t seem to come naturally.

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