Wednesday Weird 10 :: Zombies!!

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird 10: Zombies!!
This week’s cliche that is begging to get weird is a classic horror staple and dungeon crawl opponent: the zombie. Whether shambling about ancient crypts looking for fresh brains to munch, serving the will of a voodoo priestess, or turning a local shopping mall into a place of carnage, zombies have been a long-time favorite of gamers. Now, let’s twist it.

There is something wrong with me … as I don’t find zombies nearly as cool as most folks.
That’s weird all by itself, eh?

The Weird?
A trip to the privvy in the middle of the night at Castle Amber becomes a solo adventure when encountering the Hall of Mirrors.
And every mirror shows a dead relative, Osric, Finndo, even some whose names are forgotten and unknown to the PCs, Sierjna, Yazzi, Prowl, and Finnbar. Royal Zombies muttering from their broken bodies.
They speak warnings—but these warnings seem to contradict.
“Choke the skies.”
“Drown the sea.”
“Grind the stones.”
“Burn down the legend.”
“Lift the stones.”
“Hold back the sky.”
“Drink the sea.”
The last reflection is the PC, zombie dead, moaning and gnashing its teeth:
“No. No. Not this, too! Standing there where I might have done things. Standing so clean and unbroken and sure. Nooooo!” Whereupon the zombie PC cannot stand to see the PC a second longer and claws out its own eyes with its fingers.
What do you do next?


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