IMC :: everyman and the kingdom of Amber

So how do you introduce ordinary citizens of Amber into roleplay? What sort of flavor do they have? How memorable and important are they to an Amber story? Are the royals the ‘heroes’ and role models for the everyman of Amber?
In our world, you may have dearly held cultural heroes, but that isn’t the way you behave every day. Neither do I suppose that each citizen of Amber lives as the larger than life royals.
This makes a variety that isn’t contradicted by the material of Zelazny’s canon. It makes for a touchstone with Players who wander your campaign.
And when it comes to drama or comedy or romance, having some regular folks in the story serves well at those small points where events suddenly pull aside the deceptive cloak of ‘normal’ that sometimes veneers a very young scion of Amber.
After all, part of the wonder is that runt you play cards with picking up the Mercedes.



  1. I have a much easier time integrating the citizens of Amber into games now that I’ve played that side of the board in Ill Met.
    Random – Phillip’s card buddy that Juliana finds to be something of an embarrassment, and *always* makes sure she’s ‘at the estate’ when Phillip is having a card party at the manorhouse.

  2. That was my whole premise for Garrett in House of Cards. I’ve always wanted to delve into what it would be like to be a “normal” person growing up in Amber. Garrett, of course, has the added stress of suddenly discovering he’s “not-so-normal” and dealing with the changed role.

  3. Heh. Most of my PCs refuse to believe there anything other than ‘ordinary citizens,’ even with evidence to the contrary. That can be fun too.
    Amberites may be the exciting highlights, but ordinary people are the heart and soul.

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