1. I’m a big Fan (with a capital F) of Game Wish. I discovered it very recently, less than a week ago, so I haven’t read them all. These might have comed up before, but here go a couple of suggestion:
    a) You’ve discussed Mood Maintenance and Music already, but… What other techniques do you use to establish mood in a Face-To-Face, LARP or PBEM game? For example, room lightning or lack of it, sound effects, use of different voices (whispers/shouts/whatever), use of props/handouts, walking around the room behind your players’ backs, separating your players and having private conversations with some of them to increase paranoia, etc. etc. Just giving a few examples so you understand where I want to go. Also, in a related subject, if you’re not usually a GM do you use any techniques to get you thinking in your character’s shoes? I mean, just before the game starts do you read the last session log, or do you re-read your background, maybe you concentrate on something or make an effort to clear your mind and get in touch with that alter-ego? Do write fiction about your character between game sessions? Do you make an effort to dress like your character if it is a LARP? Do you try to talk/walk diferrently? How easily do you become that other person?
    b)GNS’ Narrativism theorises that Nar-inclined players often assume what at The Forge is called an Author Stance, putting the Story priorites ahead of the characters’ personal concerns, and then retroactively motivating the characters to follow the best or most interesting course for the story. Leaving GNS considerations aside, and assuming that character immersion is a big part of your playing, how often do you find yourself having out-of-character thoughts like “wouldn’t it be great if I had my character take this course of action that is sure to get him in trouble, just to spice things up or see how he’d react?” or “what if I got him in this situation just to see how well he can wigle/fight/talk/charm his way out of it?” or “wouldn’t now be a great time to let my character ?unconsciously? drop player X’s character a hint that I’m her long lost sister?”

  2. Oh, and if you’re gonna end this with WISH #100 (please don’t!!!) there’s an obvious last question:
    -In what ways did Game WISH change/improve your gaming?
    Something like that.

  3. I suspect if I think about it long enough… there is a connection between ‘sticky’ PCs and Author stance.
    Though I rarely think of “pushing” my characters to better the story by doing something they haven’t thought of….. I may be coming around on that.

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