Game Dream 1 :: Voice

Doc’s Blog will be picking up the torch of Game WISH with a nod to Ginger.

Doc’s Blog … Confessions of a Game Addict: Game Dream 1: Voice
When Role Playing Games are discussed, the subject of first-person versus third-person character narratives sometimes surfaces. When you play a character, do you assume first-person, using your voice as his or hers, or do you use third person, simply describing what he or she is doing? Do you switch between first and third person, or try to adhere to one? When other players are in character, does the use of first or third person affect your immersion in the game?

What voices do I hear?

As a Player, there is no question that I’m usually in First Person. The immersion for me is simpler then.
If the GM asks a point of clarification, or OOC knowledge, jumping into Third Person is smooth and easy.
I would find Third Person for my PC a bit of a “more than arm’s length” device. Not suitable for smooth drama as I appreciate it during play.
As a GM, I believe that it lends a freshness and immediacy to my NPCs if I “presume” I am in First Person for all dialouge. Shortcuts and narrative bits are Third Person, just as you would read in most stories.
In a sense, these modes can transition seamlessly if the play group is quite familiar. Most players I’ve gamed with seem to immediately recognize both stances.