GURPS faerie

GURPS Faerie
I often find inspiration in the GURPS series books. Has anyone out there looked through this one?



  1. I’ve always like the Fair Folk as parts of my stories. One group of intrepid adventurers in one of my campaigns managed to cross Lugh. Things went *poorly* for them, for quite some time.
    As inspiration, I’d also suggest Faerie Tale by Raymond Feist (if you haven’t read it yet). It’s very good 🙂

  2. Oh, yeah. GURPS Faerie, Celtic Myth, Cabal, Steampunk, High Tech, Bio Tech, Alternate Earths, Transhuman Space, Blood Types, Uplift, Technomancer… Really powerful magic and technology are highly interchangeable in their results. Bio Tech and Transhuman Space in particular give me lots of ideas for what kinds of things are possible in the Courts or Fae realms.
    My Gheneshans in Cry Havoc assumed their final forms under the influence of G:F.

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