Game Dream 3 :: Me or Memorex?

Game Dream 3: Is it Me or is it Memorex?
Some people play RPGs to enjoy a viewpoint or way of acting that they just couldn’t do in real life. Others seem to play characters whose motivations are more their own. And some folks do all of the above and everything in between. 🙂
What character of yours was most like you “in real life”? Which of your characters is the least like you? Which did you find more fun to play, and why?

Most like me?
I should ask folks who have seen me play to answer here in comments rather than take a stab myself. Well, here’s a stab anyhow.

I think I don’t go for characters that are matched to my motivations. I don’t think of myself as having sufficient dramatic possibility. OTOH, I don’t really try to play extreme roles like serial killer, or psycho in sheep’s clothing.
Least Like:
Probably Celina of House of Cards is least like me for many reasons. The list of differences is long. She grew up adopted, female, well-off, and underwater. Add to this that she is still very young and inexperienced with the sort of mature and powerful people that she is hanging out with.
Add to this that I didn’t create the character, I “took on” her skin in an existing campaign. The last helps in playing the mindset of naive outsider quite a lot.
This presents a fun challenge: inherently weaker in knowledge and experience and ties to other possible relationships and support. Where I prefer to play a sticky character, Celina has more elements preventing her from ‘sticking’. Part of the fun is definitely the fine cast to play against and the fact that I’m “coming from behind” both as Character and Player.
Most Like:
Hmmm. Mature, listens more than talks, and enjoys whimsical humor.
I’m forced to admit that I don’t think any of my current PCs are a good match for this. Bhangbadea might come close—except her sense of humor is not a strong point of her character. It’s there, it is just a bit hidden.
Add Bishop to Bhangbadea, and as a pair, they are very close to being me. Bishop talks too much and can be snippy, but his humor and outsider perspective are a lot like mine. (As a teenager, I tended to look at humans as a foreign species.)
Like myself, Bhangbadea can happily spend months not talking to another person—only to turn around and miss human contact. Bhangbadea would be the Hermit in the Tarot, and I can understand that POV.
In Strange Bedfellows, Bhangbadea is drawn into events by the threat of a universe cracking invader. She doesn’t care about the Royal Family except as individuals she has very recently met. The Royals haven’t lifted a finger to aid her in centuries of time—so there is no dramatic motivation for her to stick her neck out for them.
But in making the PC sticky, I allow that she is mature enough to realize that the folk of shadow that she does care about are in no position to defend themselves from the threat that comes. And Bhangbadea’s potential allies are the people that have ignored her: the Amber royals.
She considers herself a lot more altruistic than they are.
So there is a fun dynamic tension: Bhangbadea really holds most Amber history against the Family as a negative, but here she is, immersed in saving their collective ass.
That works. And it is fun. And it isn’t quite me, but a bit nobler than me which is also a good reason to play RPG.


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  1. It’s always rewarding to play a character of noble nature. I get a big kick out of playing the “big man with a heart of gold”, which is essentially how I view myself most of the time 🙂

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