Monday Mashup : Spiderman

Population: One: Monday Mashup #45: Spider-Man
In the throes of overwrought fandom, what else would I want to mashup but Spider-Man? No superheroes, though, that’s too easy.

Back at the Mashup after long absence. The RP crossover is to Amber. Of course.

You live with your Aunt and Uncle. Who always seem to be packing up and moving. Why is it that in some new towns, you have to change your name? Your Aunt and Uncle rarely talk about your Mom and Dad. You know that he’s dead. That she isn’t considered a fit mother. She’s always got some new guy on the hook.
Mom might visit once every two years.
You love science. You’re pretty good with numbers and esoteric stuff. Not that this makes you popular. It doesn’t. Girls always seem to go for the jocks.
Then on a field trip to an academy of the arcane, a disguised woman comes out of nowhere and bites you. Hard. She vanishes again before you hit the floor. Paralyzed.
Luckily? Everyone thinks you tripped and hit your head.
The next day, well, strange things start happening. You’re stronger. Faster. Your blood tingles. Nerd no more. And the fun times are gonna start.
No one is gonna make fun of Rinaldo any more.



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