Mysteries of Amber :: Mirelle

Mysteries of Amber
Section 11.3.3 :: Mirelle
“Our parents had tried to discipline [them] in the past, never very successfully.”

—-Corwin, Nine Princes in Amber

In the Amber material that isn’t fiction, Zelazny introduces the mysterious and possibly dead, Mirelle. Mirelle survived long enough to choose personal colors, per Zelazny, red and yellow. (Intro to the Black Road War.)

In the Eternal City campaign:
Mirelle is a bit of an enigma and loose cannon. She left Amber just as soon as she walked the Pattern. Everyone in the family knew that she was seldom happy in Amber. Disliked Oberon a lot. Disliked Random. And didn’t connect to many sibs. They were all older at the time Mirelle was growing up.
A royal with unresolved anger is a very good thing to stay away from.
IMC, Mirelle was about three years old when her mother committed suicide. As with children in shadow, Mirelle could not shake the notion that she was somehow responsible for her mother “going away.” Over the year following Paulette’s death, Mirelle grew increasingly difficult and moody. She tried to kill herself twice. Once she was saved by Brand. Once she was stopped by Florimel.
At that point, the little girl acquired a bodyguard and governess full time. This was pretty much Oberon’s total involvement with her until her twenties.
She was too much like her mother, and Oberon chose not to deal with it.
Once she walked the Pattern, Mirelle was ‘free’ of Oberon and Amber and all the things she despised. In truth, she made a point of disliking everyone because of how badly she felt about herself.
IMC, she then went off into shadow to find a better place to live. But royals cannot outrun their own problems in shadow … they follow along, or even manifest in the shadows that they walk through.
So while some PCs and others in the game have managed to get Mirelle speaking to family again, the lady still spends most of her time far away from Amber. She has yet to confront her past head on. She has one son (father unknown), named Richmond, who enjoys quite a few friendships with Amber cousins. He finds his mother a bit of a control freak.
But then, he never knew Oberon.
What are Mirelle’s powers? Who is Richmond’s father? What resources does Mirelle command as Queen of Corilaine?
These questions remaining largely unanswered IMC.