Game Dream 10 :: Tangles

Game Dream 10: Tangled Webs
During games, how do you keep track of the various plot hooks, hints, and people? Are you a master of the arcane memory arts and keep them in your head? Or, are you a mere mortal who must put them to paper? How much notekeeping is too much? Do you find you are more or less organized in game than in real life?

I used to keep a database for my first campaign world. Now I would prefer a wiki, as the players can help track changes and information.

During games, I make notes to myself about plot turns, names of npcs, and various little details that might be ‘foreshadowing’ of future story lines.
In down time, I can go back and review this material looking for consistancy and larger themes, including elements that are capable of being reintroduced to support the story ongoing. I’ve found that odd tangles make the game grow stronger when woven back into the current topics and threads. This is a bit like casting grains of sand into the ocean depths hoping for pearls next season, but it works for me.