Game Dream 12 :: could you grab the other end of this mercedes?

Game Dream 12: Onward, Jeeves!
Are henchmen, hirelings, or companions used in your campaign? How are they treated by the player characters? Whose voice do they use?

There are certain efforts that I make with the companions In My Campaign:

  1. They reflect something back on the PCs that will either raise or lower the interest in the PCs
  2. Per above, the henchfolk are ‘sticky’ and keep the spotlight on the PCs
  3. henchfolk deliver dramatic tension to move the story along
  4. henchfolk come from the GM’s voice and balanced participation in the creation of the campaign

Treatment by the PCs then is quite serious and sincere. I’ve never had a case of NPC abuse by PCs.
While it is human nature to have a bit of fun with the “bit players”, I think the immersive style of this GM would preclude a lot of NPC abuse.
I have taken this to great lengths as a Player as well. In Strange Bedfellows, the companion to Bhangbadea has begun to post separate turns and have his own threads.