AmberCon North 04

AmberCon North 2004
Are you ready for some diceless?
I am not able to return to ACN this year. I hope that the Argent Rose game will return next year.
Blurbs for past Argent games can be found here.



  1. I’ve actually been thinking about Argent Rose a bit the last few days — one of my friends came back from the all-Ireland Fleadh with a copy of _From Ballymote to Brooklyn_ for me. The album includes 10 78-era tracks from James Morrison, who, as I recall, you graciously provided a cameo for in the last game. (Unfortunately, the liner notes do not list when they were recorded, so I don’t know if any were done in time for Argent Rose.) I’m listening right now — great stuff.
    I’ve also been trying to come up with tune names commerating the last session, but so far all I have is “Up and Down Lady Liberty”. (Oh, I almost forgot — also “Satchmo’s Favorite”. Though now I have the fear that “Satchmo” is post-1920s. But I should probably get back to work instead of trying to look it up.)

  2. I think when I did the research for Armstrong, he was still being called ‘Satchel Mouth’ in the 20s. Which is the origin for ‘Satchmo’.
    Many folks won’t be able to see the font choices that have ‘cleaned up’ the Argent Rose pages and given them a new deco style.
    But if you make suggestions about more common 20s fonts, I’ll write them into the CSS stylesheet.

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