To Live and Die in Texorami :: ACN 2004

All The World’s A Stage: To Live and Die in Texorami
So I’m Jamie “Blue” Diamond, “Lucky” Jack’s little sister. I run a riverboat casino he won for me in a card game – I call it My Brother’s Keeper.

JP (Lucky Jack Diamond) continues to be the character glue that threads much of TLaDiT together. Doc Kindred does a nice job of making a lot of characters weave successfully together to form an interesting canvas of life in the wild west seaport of Texorami.
From the sound of this adventure, Red Ryerson is busy elsewhere.



  1. Yes, Red was busy elsewhere, which may have been lucky for him,. At one point Jamie was interested in pursuing him for purposes of matrimony.

  2. For those assembling a chronological look at TLaDiT, the ACN 2004 session “Back in the Shadow Again” takes place after the ACN 2001 session and pre-ACUS 2002’s “A Fistful of Shadows”.
    “Lucky” Jack is a character who reminds one of James Garner’s MAVERICK. As Brett Maverick had many wacky relatives who showed up from time to time, so too does Jack. In fact, the unadvertised rule of TLaDiT character creation is that if a player does not submit a character prior to the game session, they will be a relative of Jack. This eventually means Jack will find he has a wacky foreign relative, but then MAVERICK had Roger Moore…
    There is a rumor that Jaimie “Blue” Diamond might reappear in ACUS 2005’s “The Good, The Bad, and the Unicorn, Part 2.”
    There is a further rumor that a certain intriguing opera singer who made her debut in another game might appear in TLaDiT as well.

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