…these aren’t the shadows you are looking for.

Interesting illumination this past week of Amber gaming. I run my Players through a perception challenge in order to walk shadow. Generally I refer to it as the Rule of Three.

…this week, I had a PC who came down off of a ‘primal force high’. (The PC used the ‘analogy’ of the drug high, I just went with it.)
The PC found a few weeks later, that an interesting shadow she wanted to ‘check out’ again didn’t exist. She had been there, but couldn’t find it again. Despite infinity and imagination.
Well, she did figure out the answer: she had walked to that unusual shadow while her perceptions were altered. She couldn’t find it again for the same reason: the memory of the perception was not really the perception she sought.
Dragons call this: spiral-dance.
Sailors call it ‘tacking’ as they try to approach the source (wind) which also allows the motion.
Make of that what you will. Or read Is Perception the ‘Leading Edge’ of Memory? or Imagination Can Enhance Visual Perception and remember the shadows lie.

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