Lunchtime Poll 2 :: Bizarro World

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll #2: Bizarro World
What’s the strangest character you’ve ever played?

Strange? Moi?
Hmmm. As a GM, I’ve done some pretty strange things. Villains in particular can be very, very odd.
But probably in hindsight, Passel ap Morelwyn is the strangest PC I’ve ever played. Perhaps the most fun as well and who knows, she might end up being the most infamous.

A good cross section of comments on Passel. In reading through this again, I’m struck by how well Passel seemed to be a part of Amber that existed long before the game. Passel twined into so many things that the Player never expected.
She was so ‘sticky’ with other PCs that I half-decided that she was a bit mad, an unfortunate side effect of being poisoned and lamed by a Chaosi attack in the PatternFall War. Yet hers was a artistic kind of madness.

“How exactly do you know Passel ap Morelwyn? I’m trying to figure out what the hell is going on this evening, and she seems to be in the middle of it all.”


With a month gone from playing Passel, I think I see a few things that made her so strange and so much of an eye-opener to play:

  1. she wasn’t mortal, she wasn’t immortal: that touch of weakness and her own knowledge that she would soon die. It made for a zesty character.
  2. transparent sexuality: Passel arranged her life on display, I doubt I’ve ever done this with a character before or ever will again to this extent.
  3. fluid and flexible: it just seemed that Passel was always stretching for someone, people turned her on and gave her strength when she didn’t have any more of her own, a wonderful ambassador.
  4. courageous, but very afraid: Passel had many handfuls of reasons to fear. She had family, friends, a queen of great power, and a duty to match the Amber royals in wit and politics. All of this could go wrong and crash back on her family and friends. She had mistakes in her history that shamed her family. She often defied her queen without knowing whether there would be understanding or forgiveness. So her methods were radical but very loyal. She went out on limbs before ever knowing the consequence, and in this I admired her madness.
    Even though I can’t fathom it myself.