IMC :: the Library of Rebma

Another facet of campaign interpretation: Amber’s library is open to anyone walking through the castle. It is a very personal collection, both eccentric and reflecting tastes in the volumes gathered by the family royal—IMC only cataloged by the mind of one man, Master Resort. What is the mirror of the library of Amber Castle?
In the Enigmatic City, the library is a larger than the audience gallery of the Rebman throne, well-documented, and guarded day and night by Tritons.
It holds not only the commentary on events founding Amber and Rebma, but also the pre-history of the Athanor peoples, transcribed from the original oral histories. It displays artifacts from the various Chaosi Incursions, including the ‘honor standards’ of several Chaos Houses and a few preserved remains of Lords of Chaos. It records the campaigns of sons and daughters of Oberon that no one but Benedict remembers, and the tales of Rebman heroes that even Benedict may have forgotten.
Originally an undersea people, the Rebmans have an oral history. But in examining some of the possessions of the Chaosi from the first Incursion, the Rebmans marvelled at the black and silver documents that were impervious to sea water.
Within a decade, the Rebman archivists had their own version: kelp papyrus laminated with translucent membrane from kraken. Between the membrane and papyrus—a gelled squid-ink that when pressed with a stylus would clear away from the bleached papyrus underneath, leaving a bright mark.
So written records came to Rebma near the start of Amber as a kingdom.
Today, librarians are trained in three arts, as the Rebmans hold ‘3’ to be an inherently stable and mystical number. A full librarian must learn the Telling Art of events that have determined the culture, and this includes the pre-history of the Lost Tribes. They learn the Athanor Mystic Art bound into the Library structure as wards. They must also learn the Naked Art, where they can read the truth a person speaks from their words and aura.
But only the Throne of Rebma may ask a Librarian to ‘naked’ their own mental wards and thoughts so that she knows she is hearing the true record of history.
HoC IMC: The Library of Rebma
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  1. They aren’t as visible or interesting as the ones in House of Cards, but in 9PiA, Corwin makes two references to tritons and Rebma that show their presence and power.

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