IRE 2 :: orange revolution

Inspired by Recent Events #2: Orange Revolution
I am referring to the putative Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, events unfolding and developing even as we speak. Revolutions can be rich fodder for game ideas, and in the chinese sense, “Interesting Times” for any PC.

This revolution will not be televised.

The Courts of Chaos in chaos.
What happens when you take thirty powerful major houses, each with two or three ‘cadet’ houses of folks willing to die to get ‘elevated’ to a major house, and rattle half of them with a announcement that the ‘due process’ of putting King Merlin on the throne was fraudulent?
Which half? Why the lower ranked Houses, of course. What reason would the ‘winners’ have to revolt?
And with less resources, less station, and less hard counter-intelligence about the “history revealed” those lower houses suddenly spill over into a revolution— when a body of lower house lords point out that the lower houses actually outnumber the upper houses who will seldom work together.
Will the more powerful Houses work together? Will the chaotic coalition of lower Houses remain together long enough to win any gains? Will anyone be able to refute the evidence that Merlin is a sham king; puppet to the top five Houses? And who actually brought forth this ‘evidence’ and gains by the Courts in turmoil?
An arc of stories that might last through months or years of campaign.



  1. Merlin isn’t a tool of the major houses. He’s a tool of Amber, which is an even nicer parallel with Russia in some ways. (Not in others, though.)

  2. “We don’t need elections. More assassinations!” It’s all just a plot by the Serpent, anyway. He’s worse than The Butler.

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