Wednesday Weird 13 :: the Illness

Claimh Solais: Wednesday Weird #13: The Illness
A character has taken ill. At first, all seems normal… but then it gets weird.

Most illnesses are unknown in Amber and Chaos. Illnesses generally seem to be part and parcel of the flawed incomplete casting of shadows. So when someone close to the royals gets ill, there isn’t always a huge expertise to tap—even though many of the family have been through some medical training.

The Queen of Amber is having palsy attacks. The tremors start usually when she is awake the first half hour of the morning.
Because Random wakes early every morning for coffee and cigarette (he needs much less sleep than the Queen.) Vialle has been able to conceal her concern and the tremors for two weeks. But they are now worse.
Random discovers this when Vialle is still trembling uncontrollably when he calls her for breakfast one morning.
Though Random agrees to conceal her weakness from the commonfolk of Amber, he insists she consult with the most knowledgable medical woman of the family. This is either Fiona or a PC.
The weird: every examination shows nothing is wrong with Vialle. Nothing. There isn’t a further refined method of testing her in Amber. Taking the Queen to tech or magical shadows produces no real result either. She seems fine and healthy.
One conjecture that startles all: Vialle may be allergic to something in the castle. So everything is removed from the King’s suite and checked. This proves false as well.
Vialle is hosted by Moire for a week in Rebma. The palsy does not abate, but continues to get worse.
The King is seriously worried now. He feels this might be some sort of revenge plot. He asks for Chaos to be considered as ‘involved’. Stranger and stranger solutions are sought. Is it a shaper inspired disease? Has something in Amber changed? Is Vialle, though apparently no older, reaching some point of frailty like that which struck down Queen Rilga?
It is for everyone in the family to try and figure this puzzle quickly. Is is possible that the Queen is dying with no clues as to why.

Yes, I will suggest a solution here shortly.

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