IRE 7 :: spirit on mars

Blog, Jvstin Style: Ire #7: Spirit
Yesterday marked the 1 year anniversary of one of the triumphs of human ingenuity and engineering: the landing of the Spirit Rover on Mars.

Zelazny peels layers of history like an onion.
Amber is the origin of civilization.
No, the Courts of Chaos comes first.
But where did the people of Chaos come from? Where did gods come from? Where do gods go when they die? What other trans-shadow beings are there?
Probes beyond the universe of shadow have two choices IMC: outer and inner. The inner universe seems to be the Undershadow. The outer universe is beyond the Eventide Veil.
It is difficult to get information back from either place.
But what if a probe arrived from one of those places?
What do the PCs do about that?
Do you want Them to have information that We don’t have?



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