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In some of the most intense Eternal City play in a long time, kids were safely gathered at Castle Amber, oaths were made, immortal beings died, and a lot of the Amber royal family scrambled against a threat they were not prepared for.
more info fresh from play:

    There were once eleven Bloods of the Fae. Seven were thought to remain. It turns out the Thorns were extinct until Cassandra and DeWinter released unknowing the Heir of Thorns.

  • The Zhan Zi -who are moody rulers of war and bindings.
    Known as the Black Zee, their beauty and elegance often make them most heeded counsel for interactions with the shadow folk. Their leader is the Khan Shi Who Must Be Obeyed.

  • The Ying Ko -who are shadowy rulers of seduction and enchantment.
    Known as the Faceless Ones, their quiet appraisals often make them most listened counsel of interactions with the shadow folk. Their leader is the Khan Fai Mal Umbri.

  • The Fetha -who are winged rulers of secrecy and treasures.
    Known as the Ravens, their ability to get information or find priceless beauty often make them most worrisome allies. Their leader is the Khan Sigga, now that the King of Ravens has died tricking away an arcane treasure from the Loathsome Prince. After a mourning period, Sigga will become the King of Ravens.*

  • The Riak Mal -who are flickshape rulers of luck and rage.
    Known as the Thornkin, their anger and deadly prowess often make them most feared of all the Fae. Their leader, and only survivor, is the Khan Mal Riak Mal, former changeling.

  • The Mer Mu -who are ocean rulers of speedy travel and music.
    Known as the Merkin, their interest in oral craft, history and art often make them most peaceful of all the Fae. Their leader is the Khan Sy Ming.

  • The Ling Kai -who are rulers of wild sky and night.
    Known as the Moonriders, their interest in Amber is fabled as is their willingness to feud, and these often make them most solitary of all the Fae. Their leader is the Khan Xhi Xhang.

  • The Huli Jing-who are rulers of strange fortresses and transformations.
    Known as the Inari, their interest in debate, women and scholars often make them most worrisome of all the Fae. Their leader is the Khan Jinwei Hu.

  • The Ksss -who are rulers of renewal and new life.
    Known as the Kickaha, their interest in wiles, games and trickery often make them least trusted of all the Fae. Their leader is the Khan Fa Lo Shu.

The term UnShi seems to mean ‘out of favor’ rather than an actual Blood group. Hence, if one fae says another Blood is UnShi, it means they are on opposite sides of an issue or several from the speaker, not that they are evil or always opposed.
In a dynamic of eight Blood lines, this term adds little understanding to outsiders. The Fae are like that.
* More than one Player shed a tear for the King of Ravens, known as ‘Pops’, but four amberites and two oath-bound weir were saved. A very good story arc, where Pops was one of the first Fae that Xhimena made friends with—and also pivotal in breaking the Loathsome’s power to hurt without being hurt.
** If you think there is a salute to ‘Lord Demon’ in the above, you’re probably right.

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