Double Dara theory

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There are three generations between Lintra and Merlin, all of them attempts at producing a ‘human’ surrogate to wed to an Amber prince.
Dara III is the one that finally connects with Corwin. But—back in Chaos, it is Dara II that is raising Dara III’s child Merlin in a fast-time Shadow, so that Dara III can be off trying to get access to the Pattern.
Dara III is the one who switches sides with Oberon’s help.
Dara II is the one who doesn’t—and becomes Merlin’s “legal” mother later without ever clueing Merlin that his real mother was imprisoned for betraying Chaos in PatternFall.
Hence Dara the Younger and Dara the Elder.
* I believe the Double Dara theory was first proposed by M on the Amber Mailing List.

** As pointed out by Michael in the comments, this is also a way of supporting the very different ‘tone’ of Dara, Corwin series, and Dara, Merlin series.



  1. You can get to profit from stealing underwear in 3 steps.
    1: There are three generations between Lintra and Merlin. Dara the Elder (child of Benedict and Lintra), Intermediate Parent (grandchild of Benedict and Lintra), Dara the Younger (great-grandchild of Benedict and Lintra)
    2: Dara the younger is the one that connects with Corwin.
    3: Hence Dara the Younger and Dara the Elder.

    The question is “are you just trying to explain the comment from Dara that she is Benedict’s Great-grandchild or are you also trying to explain the differences in behavior between first and second series Dara?”

    The question of a multi-generational Bene Chaosian plot to breed the Kumquaat Haagendaaz can be tied to this, or the generations could just be generations of birth until someone saw the main chance. Dara III can have raised Merlin in a slightly faster shadow and been done before heading back to Amber to declaim on the Pattern without invalidating the two Daras model.

  2. Agreed. It offers more dramatic opportunity if there are two story lines overlapped than one speedy Dara zipping about the universe.
    I’ve never seen Chaosian travel through shadow as terribly efficient.

  3. As I stated on the GoO forum (I really need to get one of these blog thingies, bad Mike) I don’t think there’s a huge incosistency between the tone of Dara in the 1st and Dara in the 2nd as she’s still trying for the same goal, controlling Amber. Using a different avenue. Maybe not with Merle, perhaps through Jurt?

  4. I suppose part of why I enjoy the Double Dara theory so much is that the Dara from Merlin’s tales is so completely on top of everything– while the Dara from Corwin’s tales made so many little mistakes and had an ability to appear sincere before Ben, Corwin, and Oberon. I think she really was that easy for Oberon to manipulate.
    Dara the younger obviously gets slammed between a rock and a hard place at the end of the Corwin story.
    Yet, Dara the Elder still has everything nicely under control in the Merlin stories.
    Add to that the little technical issue that if there are two Daras, one has Pattern and one has Logrus. That is a very important thing to me.
    Add to that how much Jurt looks like Merlin, while Corwin is being held prisoner by Dara the Elder, and you have many neat dramas that a GM can exploit.

  5. Just an idea what if Dara wasn’t manipulated by Oberon, but rather had seduced him. This thought just occured to me so I’m going to have to let it percolate a bit. I’m certain you can see some of the implications.

  6. That works–but not for the man I think Oberon had become after millenium of running Amber. I don’t imagine even Lintra or Dara the Eldest could have accomplished that.
    I think every woman in Oberon’s life had purpose to reinforce or defend Amber’s existence.

  7. I tend to agree it’s an interesting tangent, but Oberon was the manipulator though in the end he didn’t get what he wanted either. IE Corwin on the throne with Dara at his side. Of course, he was rather dead by then so it didn’t make much difference to him one way or the other.
    Or maybe he made the deal with Dara knowing that Corwin would back out the whole time? Maybe he even presented it that way (the queen of Amber way) to her so that Dara would allow herself to be impregnated for Obie’s genetic masterplan?

  8. I’ve seen at least one game where Oberon and Dara had been lovers, but we never got to investigate much about that. The game went off in a diffferent direction.

  9. An interesting question arose the other day. Men produce sperm their whole lives, whereas women go through menopause at around 50 when their eggs run out. If you are a Chaosian and have a life expectance of a million years (or whatever) does this event happen to you? When?

  10. Fertility ‘shortfalls’ in shadow are shadowy reflections of various truths in Amber and Chaos.
    However, My female Amberites and Chaosians do not have ‘courses’ with the cycle of the moon, or anything else. And they do not ‘run out’ of bodily resources.
    And this.

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