family tree ’05 Amber (DRPG) Genealogy of the Royal Family
Cal takes a good pass at reconciling the different hints provided by Zelazny to a canon family tree and birth order.
Note: Martin must be older than Merlin and Rinaldo.
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  1. We went with a VERY old Martin in House of Cards, but even if we’d gone with a younger version, he’d have to be 100 or so. I can’t see anything less based on the library scene comments that Brand was looking for him 70 years ago–and that puts Brand looking for him almost immediately after he leaves Rebma and him walking the Rebman Pattern at 20 or 30.

  2. The only problem with Cal’s timeline (besides the Benedict the younger thing) is that it would make Caine illegitimate and Corwin never states that Caine has anything, but a legitimate claim to the throne as he does with Eric. On the very same page no less.

  3. I’m not sure why I think of Ben as the oldest when many think of him as the youngest of Cymnea’s kids. There is canon on this, I think.
    update: indeed there is canon
    Caine’s out-of-order birth does solve Corwin’s slip of succession with the later specifics that Caine is Rilga’s oldest. And the “Dad chose to recognize Llewella” statement by Corwin also works for Caine out of wedlock. Caine doesn’t seem much like a brother Corwin grew up with, no matter the stated succession. So I always figure that Caine grew up with Mom (Rilga) who had yet to be queen.
    Llewella often gets noted as a special case by Corwin–

  4. The canon is not definitive, though–you could have Ben be older or younger than Finndo and Osric without making Corwin a talking bear.
    I definitely think of him as the youngest of the three Cymneans.

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