Lunchtime Poll 9 :: deja vu

Lunchtime Poll #9: Deja Vu
Do you have recurring characters and/or places in any of your games? Why or why not? If so, please discuss.

I’d like to say that there isn’t for what I fancy are artistic reasons: that each creation is distinct and integral to itself. But thinking about it, it isn’t so much that places or people are duplicated or transposed; more that they are shadowy reflections—of something that intrigues me.
So then what have I often used?
Well, there isn’t much. Certainly nothing obvious with names or identities you could trace like a family tree. I see hints of the same figure in an NPC or two and that’s probably the truth for many GMs. Probably the single figure that I can identify is the Trickster, by many various names. Usually he appears a frail or foolish fellow that takes your measure before deciding whether he will bilk or aid you. Call him Puck, or Pan, or Lyre, he is the only character I can’t get rid of no matter where I hide.
If I were playing a lot more genres or game systems—it might be more.