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Sexuality has been a fairly dead issue in RPGs for some time. We do see the occasional game like Ironwood that makes sex an issue, but no games with anything as crass as rules to govern these interactions. Why not? If we agree that sexuality is a huge force in human history and experience, then why has it never been dealt with openly, rationally, or at least maturely?

Google research on romance and sex. This Feb 2004 article covers some releases at end of 2003.
Contrast with this:

The Art Of The IC Romance |
No one could ever accuse RPG characters of having boring lives.

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  1. Oh man, I couldn’t finish the article because I couldn’t stop laughing at the first reason offered for putting romance in your games: “the realism factor”. The realism factor?? After he mentions quests, dragon slayings, the saving of entire kingdoms?
    I’ll try again tomorrow… 🙂

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