Lunchtime Poll 10 :: Midseason Replacements

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Lunchtime Poll #10: Midseason Replacements
Discuss successful and/or unsuccessful ways you’ve integrated a new character into an existing game.

I’ll refer to WISH 25 and this continuity entry. For another Amber game perspective, Ginger adds thoughts on House of Cards.
I’ll also add the comment that I don’t preserve ‘auction ranks’ between Players but lean on points instead. My points have a performance scale which eases adding NPCs and new Players whenever I like.
Probably the most odd and yet entertaining add of a new PC to the campaign was Ccapella. She joined the campaign as Tedra, a simple girl from a Golden Circle country.

But after being in the game for a bit, she was accepted as Llewella’s long lost fraternal twin. Right, no one knew LLewella had a twin, or was careless enough to lose her.
Her backstory jumps through a number of hoops but turns out to be something like the origin of Superman crossed with a twisty fairy tale.
Moins and Oberon had a falling out, somewhat because Clarissa returned from an extended absence and took up with Oberon where she left off.
Moins discovered halfway through pregnancy that her twins were so different, drawing upon two opposed sets of magics, that her healers knew one twin would not survive to delivery. The Rebmans proposed carefully terminating the weaker girl. Moins had none of that. The Queen proposed removing the stronger twin to a stasis egg until the weaker girl could be delivered and then re-introducing the strong twin to the womb once the weak girl was a year old.
The arcane healers of Rebma did this.
No, Moins didn’t tell Oberon.
Moins delivers Llewella. Oberon does not ‘take a shine’ to the scrawny weak baby, Llewella. Bad move. Moins decides Oberon will not be a good father to either twin and so tells him nothing and bids him good day.
A couple years later, Brand is born to returned Clarissa. Some years after that, a series of probing attacks from shadow occupy Moins and Oberon with countering the powerful foe. These attacks continue for over a decade, finally exploding into a full aquatic invasion by a Horde pushed into Rebma by Chaosian manipulation.
Rebma is assaulted directly. There is fighting in the palace before Oberon arrives with enough added strength to flank and end the invasion. Moins dies defending the personal family shrine of Lir from the Horde.
Later—several things become painfully obvious:
One: Llewella wants the throne to go to her younger sister, Moire.
Two: Moire, a popular teenager, is the true daughter of a heroic Queen. While Llewella, in her late twenties is the daughter of Oberon, the fella who got Lir killed and arrived too late to save Moins.
Three: in the battle at the shrine, the stasis egg containing the unborn princess has gone missing.
Fast forward centuries:
rocketed to safety…. er, I mean, a baby is found in the wreckage of a ship and saved by sailors near Montenegro. This baby girl is adopted and raised by a childless couple in the country. The girl exhibits unusual strength and intelligence from early days. They name her Tedra and hope she will grow to be a fine woman.
Well, no.
I don’t usually get this twisty.