wheel of strategy just keeps turning

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Not sure this will appeal to many, but the post and material on web makes for some head woozy.
It appealed to my whimsy, and I do think there is something there to be gleaned.
Check out the pentagram loop on the right side halfway down the page.



  1. head woozy eh, LOL interesting description,
    Destiny needs to be ummm simpler, cleaner and tested from an outsiders eye so it doesnt induce quite so much dizziness. I make it more complicated than it needs be in many places.
    The image in question was created using (an apparently unnameable terrain generating software which your cgi doesnt like the name of) underlay with photoshop work to create the subtle waterfalls in the scenary as well as the informative pentagram on top.

  2. Oh, thanks for the extra comments. I did miss the internal relationships to your diagram on first pass.
    Makes it even more interesting. The diagram is definitely the way to go. More clarity of that design would go a long way to giving players all they needed to interact to benefit.
    IOW, you should consider a cleaner design without an image backdrop as an alternate.

  3. I did do several more ummm basic designs for the graphic… but nothing I was quite happy with. I just switched to a diferent font on the labelling for it… a little more readable this way.

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