Blue Rose: rpg of romantic fantasy

Blue Rose Visions: A Developer’s Journal by John Snead
Am still reading all this. More later.
Incidently, does anyone remember the movie where a Blue Rose played the significant role in healing the failing heroine?
Maybe that’s why this game has that name?
Aha! Just had to add this: Blue Rose Adventure Hook Generator
…don’t have a plot for a rush game? Click!



  1. The Blue Rose is something that has been elusive to rose breeders for centuries. It has been used as a symbol for immortality and nirvana, and also as a romantic idea regarding “the striving for the impossible.” [shrug] Oh, and it was significant in Ultima VI, I think. [laughing]

  2. Rose symbology has been huge in various games I’ve played in. We haven’t used it much in HOC because It’s Been Done, but maybe I should trot it back out.

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